Denied Benefits? - How to Fight Back!

So You Think You're Covered!
The Insurance Industry Rip-Off

Surviving the Fight for Long-Term
Disability Benefits

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The Book that Helps You Deal More Effectively with Your Auto, WSIB or Disability Insurers to Receive the Benefits You Deserve

‘DENY, DENY, DENY’ is a frequent insurer mantra. A medically-supported claim is no guarantee that insurers, no matter where in Canada, will honour their policies. This is all the more true when seriously or critically injured or ill claimants require accident or disability benefits for an extended period or on a permanent basis. The Ontario Auditor General acknowledges that nearly one out of two auto insurer claimants are routinely denied. Does this mean that almost half of all claimants are ‘scammers’?

Fraud is the ‘buzzword’ by which insurers explain denials. Many claimants are shocked by what they’re up against and this compounds their already precarious health, so most give up.

Why haven’t you heard about this before? Those who fight their insurer risk jeopardizing their case if they speak out publicly and are muzzled by ‘gag’ orders when they win. THE STORY IS NOW EXPOSED.

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Key Book Points

  • Claims Process and Financial Realities
  • Insurance Medical Examinations Dissected
  • Assessment versus Rehabilitation
  • Privacy and Surveillance
  • Examination for Discovery and Mediation Processes
  • Regulatory Changes and their Detrimental Effect
  • Getting a Good Lawyer – Not So Easy!

The well-known comedian, Lily Tomlin, plays her character, Ernestine, as an insurance company employee - "denying benefits to everyone." When comics make an issue part of their comedy routine, you know it has become a common experience.